How to give SharePoint link lists a professional look out-of-the-box using the icon library

In the modern SharePoint experience, you can clean up ordinary link lists with very little effort, thanks to SharePoint’s icon library.


Whether you need a Teams icon (teams), dog (fangbody), tooth (teeth) or football (football), you can search for icons and use those for adding visual cues and iconography to your sites. Here’s how you can implement this on your page(s):

Add the Quick Links web part

  1. Edit (modern) Page
  2. Add a “Quick Links” web part
  3. Add a link

Auto-select icon based on link type

One great feature about this web part is that if you add certain link types (lists, libraries, external websites), it auto-selects an icon by default:


Choose your own icon from the library

Instead of “auto-select” as seen selected by default above, choose “Icon” then “Change” to select an icon from hundreds in the icon library:

Here are all of the icons available as of the publishing of this post (Oct 23, 2018):



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