How to remove the extra “Save” and “Cancel” buttons in a custom new item form in SharePoint

save cancelWhen you create a custom new item form in SharePoint Designer, you get a bonus set of “Save” and “Cancel” buttons automatically generated. One set at the top, and one set at the bottom (as generally seen on default forms).

Chances are if you’ve created a custom new item form, you had other intentions for the space now taken by duplicate buttons. Here’s how to get rid of the spare buttons and get back to designing and tweaking your custom new item form.

  1. Open your custom new item form in SharePoint Designer
    1. Open SPD
    2. Click “Lists and Libraries” in the left nav
    3. Right click the name of your custom new form under “Forms” and click “Edit File in Advanced Mode”
      Note: You must have a new new item form – do not edit the “NewForm.aspx” default form.
  2. You’ll notice in the code, around line 75 in the example below, that all four buttons are written in the same area.

    If you wish to delete the buttons at the top, delete the script in the blue box. Otherwise, delete the script in the red box to delete the bottom buttons.
    button script

  3. Save your custom new form (Save icon in upper left or File –> Save)

Ready for more? Here’s how to change the “Save” button to say “Submit” in SharePoint forms.



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