Creating a subsite in SharePoint Server vs O365

Having come from an O365 background, I always find it interesting how routine processes differ from on-premises. But creating subsites hasn’t changed much. Here’s a comparison of the 3-step process in an on-prem environment (2013 in this example) vs O365:


  1. Settings –> Site Contents
    site contents
  2. Scroll down to Subsites and click “new subsite”
    new subsite
  3. Fill in the subsite information and click “Create”
    new subsite2


If you have a master page that needs to be inherited by the new site:

  1. Go to top level site
  2. Settings –> Site Settings
  3. Master Page
  4. Check both “reset all subsites…” boxes and click “OK”

Also be sure to update any navigation elements you may have.


  1. Settings –> Site Contents
    o365 site contents
  2. New –> Subsite
    o365 new subsite
  3. Fill in the subsite information and click “Create”
    o365 new subsite2

Look familiar? On a surface level, the biggest difference is the additional option of “Community Site”, and the easier access to the “new subsite” action in Site Contents. Instead of scrolling beneath all your site contents, it’s at the top in the same “New” dropdown as apps.


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