How to change Microsoft Flow’s default limit of 100 items for “Get Items” and “Get Rows” actions


The first time I created a flow for a list with over 100 items, I noticed an “Apply to Each” block stopping at 100 items. It’s a simple fix:

  1. Click the ellipses on the “Get items” item
  2. Settings
  3. Under Pagination:
    1. Toggle on pagination if your list uses pagination
    2. Enter the new limit of items
  4. Click Done
  5. Update Flow

You can also just click “advanced settings” on the action step to enter a new “top total” but will still need “settings” to toggle pagination.



  1. simonjhudson

    All of which would be fine, except that I have the issue with Get Files (Properties) and that doesn’t seem to have been fixed.
    Anyone any workaround for that?

  2. minhvuongluu

    Just 1 question: can I set the limit to 1,048,576 (max. no of rows in Excel) ?

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