Automatic iCal (.ics) hyperlinks for SharePoint calendar items using calculated column


A zero-maintenance tool I find quite useful in a SharePoint calendar, particularly if your organization is not using Exchange for email, is to provide users a quick option to save something they see on a SharePoint calendar to their own calendar. Spend 5 minutes on these few instructions and your users can reap the benefits for years to come.

Basically we’re going to add a calculated text column called iCal which will use the list’s GUID (easy to get, don’t worry) and the specific calendar item’s default ID number to generate a clickable .ics (iCal) file link. Let’s get started!

  1. Go to your calendar
  2. Click “Calendar” in the ribbon
  3. Click “List Settings”
  4. Copy everything in the address bar after “List=”. This should begin with %7B and %7D. This is your calendar’s GUID in hyperlink-friendly formatting.
  5. Create a column (Beneath columns section)
  6. Set it up as follows, pasting your GUID (for now) in the formula field. Don’t click OK yet.
  7. Paste the following in your formula field, moving your GUID to replace the placeholder here. Also put the correct Site URL (, for example)
    =”https://{Site or Subsite URL}/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=109&Cmd=Display&List={GUID}&CacheControl=1&ID=”&ID&”&Using=event.ics”
  8. Click OK
  9. Check the result. Open a calendar item. You should see an iCal item with the hyperlinked text.
  10. Upon clicking the URL, your browser will prompt you to open the file. Open it.
  11. Your email client will open the .ics file. Make any revisions to the calendar item you wish, then simply click save to add it to your calendar.

That’s it! Let me know if you run into any problems.


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